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Parasitic insects that inhabit the body of animals, deliver many problems to our pets. Do not forget that fleas, like other types of ectoparasites, not only provoke severe itching, allergic reactions but also are carriers of dangerous infections, can cause the development of strong worm infestation in cats and dogs.

Therefore, owners of fluffy cats should systematically carry out preventive treatment of animal fur from parasitic insects. Consider the most effective means of fleas for cats.

Top Best Cat Flea Treatments

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Best Flea Products For Pets

The modern market of protective drugs offers a variety of different efficacy, mode of action and use of insecticidal acaricidal drugs. In any pet store, veterinary pharmacy or clinic, you can purchase an effective remedy for the destruction of fleas, ticks, which parasitize on the body of our beloved pets.

If the owner of a furry purr is tasked with protecting his pet from fleas and other types of dangerous parasites, it is enough just to use the following tips on choosing the most effective insecticidal veterinary drugs:

  • Insecticidal acaricidal drops;
  • Sprays;
  • Aerosols;
  • Pills;
  • Flea powder;
  • Special shampoos;
  • Flea collars.

Important! The least allergenic, toxic to animals are antiparasitic shampoos, insecticidal acaricidal aerosols, and powders.

In prophylactic, therapeutic purposes, a good effect is noted after using special drops on withers, shampoos, sprays, aerosols. Such tools have a gentle effect, are safe for the health of animals and at the same time scare away fleas, ticks, quickly destroy ectoparasites living on the body of a pet.

Effective anti-flea drugs for animals should be easy to use, be absolutely safe for pets, provide a quick, long-lasting, good result. Most antiparasitic drugs have a complex spectrum of action. Provide protection, destroy and endoparasites at all stages of their development.

Used for the treatment of flea dermatitis, and demodicosis. The duration of protection depends on the components of the drug, their concentration, the properties of the main active ingredients.

In modern means for fleas for cats, various types of insecticides are used: fipronil, ivermectin, pyriproxyfen, imidacloprid, nitenpyram, pertain. The listed components are safe for cats and humans, have a high degree of efficiency. Nitrogen-based products can be used to treat coat in pregnant cats.

how to get fleas out of house

Drops on the fleas cat hair

Flea drops are a versatile, convenient insecticide. Applied for the prevention and treatment of flea invasions. Apply to the area of ​​the withers, between the shoulder blades, along the spine. Once applied, they are evenly distributed throughout the body. In rare cases, they provoke allergic reactions and other side effects.

Aerosols & flea sprays

In the case of severe contamination of the cat with ectoparasites, the treatment of the pet’s coat is best carried out with aerosols, sprays, solutions, emulsions. Sprays that can be attributed to the strongest insecticidal agents, almost immediately after use, destroy ectoparasites – fleas, lice, lashes, and ticks.

Suitable for instant disposal of parasitic warm-blooded animal insects on the body. Provide long-lasting protection. Convenient to use.

Important! They have increased toxicity, so when working should observe precautions. Before use, carefully read the instructions.

Do not apply to the treatment of coat for sick, very weakened, exhausted animals. It is categorically not recommended to use for small kittens up to two or three months of age, for breeding fleas in pregnant, lactating females. They can be used not only to combat parasitic insects on the body of animals but also to treat the apartment, bedding, cat’s house.

Flea Collars

Insecticidal collars are generally designed to prevent fleas from infected pets. other types of ectoparasites. Experts recommend using them as additional protection, especially if the cat, the cat is free to walk down the street. Flea collars can also be used to get rid of ectoparasites, but only in case of a weak infestation.

Flea Identification

Flea shampoos

For high-breed pets with soft, thick, long hair, allergy-prone animals in the fight against fleas are best to use insecticidal acaricidal shampoos. They have a mild effect, do not provoke allergic reactions, destroy parasitic insects at all stages of their development. Unlike other antiparasitic agents, anti-flea shampoos do not deter ectoparasites, they act more delicately, have a short-term effect.

Their composition may include extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins, biologically active compounds, organic acids. Some brands produce shampoos that not only have an insecticidal effect but are also suitable for the systematic care of the coat.

The best flea shampoos for cats include:

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