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Protect your pet against fleas and the dangerous diseases they bring into your home.

Where do fleas come from? How to kill them?

We’ve got the answers. With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to eradicate fleas in all stages of their life.

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The Flea Life Cycle

what kills fleas on contact

It includes laying eggs, hatching of larvae, transforming into pupae, forming of the adult flea.

Adult fleas represent just 5% of the overall flea population. Another 50% are eggs, 35% are larvae, and 10% are pupae.

How it Happens

how long does it take to get rid of fleas

It begins with a bite. Female fleas lay eggs only after they have had their first blood meal. The buried eggs not only remain in the fur of your pet but also fall into carpet fibers or furniture cushions causing an infestation of your home. Then after the cocoon stage, fully-formed adult fleas jump to a host. And they need their blood meal again.

Home Remedies

Fleas jump. It is difficult to detect them both on your pet as well as in your home.

Do you know that fleas can’t swim? In water, they will die on their own. Add a few drops of dish soap to a flea trap and you’ll see the result.

  • Flea-killing pills give your pet some rapid relief from the pain of a huge flea infestation.
  • Flea shampoos work to kill fleas on contact, but they do not prevent from forming fleas afterward.
  • Flea-killing drops have the active ingredient that works for 30 days. This process should be repeated each month to prevent new fleas from infesting the animal.

Frequent vacuuming of your home with baking soda or salt in conjunction with the use of our advanced flea-killing collar will ensure a pest-free environment for both your pet and you.

Triple Action Flea & Tick Shampoo

  • Fresh ‘n Clean® Flea & Tick Conditioning Shampoo, Fresh Scent.
  • Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray | Flea Treatment for Dogs and Home | Flea Killer with Certified Natural Oils.
  • Wondercide Flea and Tick and Mosquito Control Spray for Cats Dogs and Home.
  • Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray for Cats and Dogs.
  • Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Waterless Bath for Cats.

Flea Collars

Flea collars are the most cost-effective and minimally invasive option when compared with other flea-killing methods:

  • Our flea collar is veterinarian-approved, safe and effective.
  • It distributes the active ingredient for several months.
  • It is specially engineered to destroy fleas at every step of their life cycle.
  • Our multi-function collar initially acts as a repellent, preventing the flea from coming in physical contact with your pet.

Top Best Flea Collars for Dogs: 

  • Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Large Dogs (Our top choice).
  • Masold Dog Flea and Tick Control Collar (best budget option).
  • Adams Flea and Tick Collar For Dogs.
  • Alzoo Diffusing Dog Collar.

Top Best Flea Treatments For Dogs: 

  • Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea, Tick and Mosquito Prevention for Large Dogs.
  • Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray | Flea Treatment for Dogs and Home.
  • Advecta II Flea Treatment.
  • Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Large Dogs.
  • Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs.
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs 4588 lbs Purple.
  • Vet’s Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray.
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs 4588 lbs Purple.

Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Collar For Dogs

The Bottom Line

The flea collar is an essential weapon in a comprehensive, multi-front battle to eradicate very dangerous blood-sucking pests, along with frequent pet bathing and home cleaning.

This potentially catastrophic trend makes it imperative that every pet owner takes immediate action to eradicate any existing flea infestations and protect their pet from any future infections.

what kills fleas in the house

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