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Owners of fluffy four-legged pets often face the problem of the appearance of fleas on the body of a pet. Insects not only make the animal suffer, feeding on its blood but also put human health at risk. For this reason, this situation should not be ignored. Get rid of the parasites will help a quality tool, such as flea spray for cats.

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Features of The Parasite

Fleas are blood-sucking insects that live in the animal’s fur. They bite through the cat’s skin and feed on its blood. These are mobile creatures with long hind limbs and a flattened body. Due to the peculiarities of its structure, fleas easily move through the wool. This helps them bristles and spikes.

Insect Danger

With flea bites, the pet is severely itchy, which can lead to allergic dermatitis. In addition to discomfort, the presence of these parasites can provoke the occurrence of various diseases, including:

  • Anemia;
  • Decreased immunity;
  • Loss of wool;
  • Fungal and infectious diseases;
  • Worms.

Symptoms of the Disease

Before you choose medicine for fleas for cats, you should make sure the presence of the disease.

The following signs indicate it:

  • Itching in an animal;
  • Eggs of parasites or traces of their vital activity in cat hair (similar to grains of black pepper and salt). When viewed from an animal, such changes are easy to detect;
  • Wounds caused by itching;
  • The presence of an allergic reaction under cat hair;
  • In addition, insects can be detected if the pet’s hair gets wet. When bathing, fleas can jump into the water.

Kinds of Means

The modern market can offer a lot of flea medicine for kittens and cats. The insecticide in their composition allows you to quickly get rid of parasites.

The following types of drugs are found:

  • The optimal and effective tool for adult pets. After rubbing the solution into the skin, the drug is distributed throughout the body.
  • They are sprayed on the animal’s fur or applied on the hands, after which they stroke the cat. This drug has one drawback – toxicity. The use of sprays requires accuracy and strict adherence to instructions. The cat may manifest side effects, in addition, there are contraindications. It is best to apply this variety in the presence of a large number of fleas on the body of the animal.
  • The products have a mild effect and are well suited for kittens, many shampoos also take good care of the animal’s hair.
  • An excellent method for the prevention of disease and complex treatment. As a separate tool, one collar will not be enough.
  • Almost the only species that can be used to treat pregnant cats. Most often do not have side effects.
  • Best used in conjunction with shampoos or sprays.

Effective Drops

Such drugs are suitable for getting rid of fleas, and for the prevention of their occurrence. The tool is applied very simple: you need to push the wool at the withers, distribute the drug and gently rub it into the skin. For the treatment of kittens younger than 6 months, you should use only part of the package, and not the full contents of the pipette.

The best flea drops for cats:

  • Very popular tool. Drops allow you to get rid of parasites in 30 days, can be used for prevention. For adult pets, you need a whole pipette of the drug, and for the young – 6 ml of the medicine per 1 kg of weight. Package contains 3 pipettes. With proper use of one pack will last for the whole summer.
  • You can use this drug for adult animals and kittens older than 3 months. Drops cannot be used for pregnant and lactating cats, as well as sick pets. The medicine protects the animal from insects for 30 days. The pack contains 3 pipettes.
  • Advantage drug. Simple and effective. Drawn on one point. Such drops can be used for kittens older than 2 months.

Protective sprays

what to do if you have fleas in your house

Sprays are a type of drug that is most effective for large-scale infection. Do not use these drugs for pregnant and lactating cats. You also need to ensure that the solution does not fall on the mucous membranes. The most popular flea sprays:

Leopard. Drug of domestic production. The effect is noticeable after the first use. Contains permethrin, which can contribute to an allergic reaction, so you need to use the spray very carefully. To avoid re-infection, you need to treat cat litter for the rest.

It is best to carry out the treatment spray in the fresh air. For the achievement of the maximum effect, it is necessary to distribute means evenly. Half an hour after application, you should comb the cat to get rid of the dead parasites.

Flea shampoos

The safest species for flea control. However, the active components act only on adult individuals of parasites, whereas the larvae remain viable. Therefore, the shampoo should be used in conjunction with drops or other means. The most popular drugs are the following brands.

Flea Collars

The collar is a great way to prevent the appearance of blood-sucking insects. It is recommended to put it on the cat after treating the coat with a special shampoo.

Important! The working time of this accessory is 60? 90 days. After that, the active components begin to evaporate, and the collar becomes ineffective.

The disadvantage of this tool – the possibility of irritation on the skin of the animal. The likelihood of this increases in hot weather. In addition, there may be an unpleasant smell. It is not recommended to use this accessory for pregnant and nursing pets. The collar can be purchased for kittens older than 3 months. The following brands are especially popular:

  • A good collar that protects against insects. The accessory has an effect 7 months after opening the pack. A huge advantage of this tool – resistance to moisture. Even after wetting the collar retains its properties.
  • Accessory premium. The collar is selected depending on the weight of the animal, which allows obtaining the required concentration of the active substance. The term of operation is 4 months. Also, the product protects against ticks (for 3 years).

Special Powders

Powder (powder) is a safe way to protect against pests for pregnant cats and kittens. The tool must be applied to the skin of the animal and gently rub it. For long-haired breeds and very fluffy pets, this type will not work. You can use the following drugs:

  • Hartz – high-quality powder, created on the basis of permethrin. It should be rubbed into the cat’s hair against hair growth. This will allow the substance to be distributed evenly. The drug should not be used for sick pets and kittens younger than 2 months. Do not apply it to animals prone to allergies.
  • Polish Non-toxic effectively eliminate ticks and fleas. The substances contained in the collar are not absorbed into the blood of the animal but accumulate in the skin.


Tablets are considered a very effective remedy for fleas because the impact on pests comes from the inside. The drug is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and enters the blood. When a parasite bites a cat, it receives a dose of insecticide, as a result of which it dies.

The best flea pills:

  • Tablets Comfortis. The active ingredient in the product is not toxic to animals, but it copes well with blood-sucking insects. The pills taste like beef, so cats like this medicine. They can be added to pet food. The drug protects the animal from parasites for 30 days. The optimal dose is calculated by the formula: 50 mg per 1 kg of cat weight. However, there may be side effects, such as apathy, loss of appetite and vomiting. Undesirable use for kittens, old and pregnant animals.
  • Capstar. Neurotoxic tablets, leading to the rapid death of pests. The active substance begins to work within 2-3 hours after ingestion. The effect of the drug is 1-2 days. The drug can be given even to kittens older than 1 month. The tool has virtually no side effects.

Folk recipes

how to get fleas out of your house

In addition to professional tools, you can use the popular recipes from fleas. They are widely available and safe. In addition, the use of such methods does not require special financial costs.

Most Popular Recipes:

  • Tar soap. It can be used not only for the extermination of parasites but also in the presence of dermatitis. Suitable for little kittens. After applying the soap on the animal’s fur, you must wait a few minutes and only then wash off the product.
  • Saline solution. The tool is prepared at a rate of 0.5 kg of salt per 10 liters of water. The liquid should be poured into the basin and the pet should be placed there along the neck. After 5 minutes, wash the coat thoroughly with water. After the pet will dry, you need to comb out the wool and remove the dead fleas.
  • It is considered very effective as its smell repels insects. 5 cloves of garlic need to grind and pour 600 ml of water. The liquid is infused for 12 hours, after which the animal’s fur is rubbed along the spine line so that the cat does not lick the solution.
  • A decoction of tansy, wormwood, and eucalyptus. The aroma of these plants does not like fleas, bedbugs, and mosquitoes. Lavender and geranium have a similar effect. To get rid of pests need to process not only the cat but also its litter.
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