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Do you know the most common flea spots? If you know the places they hide in your house, you can find them and take measures to get rid of them forever.

Nobody would like having any blood-sucking pests in their home. Unfortunately, fleas can appear.

Fleas are the most numerous and the most common parasites that can appear in your house with your pet’s fur.

Those who suffered from these insects know for sure that they are not only annoying. Despite their size, they are several times more dangerous than it may seem.

Fleas are so small and they jump so high, that if you have seen any of them, it is difficult to follow the insects. They always hide and you may never guess the spot and it makes it difficult to find them.

There are lots of places in a home where the insects can hide. It is almost impossible for you to decide the real place. The size of a flea is several times less than an inch, so all your attempts to find and somehow catch any of them will hardly be successful.

However, in this kind of fighting as it may be called, you have a privilege. What is it? Yes, sure. It is your large and brilliant brain.

We’ll give you some secrets where these bloodsuckers can hide. Some spots are more favorable for them than others. A little bit more knowledge about the stages of their life cycle and the most attractive places for every stage of their life will give you many advantages.

Here are the 5 most popular places you can look for them and take immediate measures to get rid of these insects forever.

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The 1st spot to hide: on your pets

It is not a secret that there are many species of fleas on our planet, but those that bring dangerous diseases, the ones that are really harmful and annoying for us are cat fleas and dog fleas. There also exist human fleas that are still awful.

Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that there are fleas that like to feed on dogs and they are called dog fleas, there are also fleas that like to feed on cats and they are called cat fleas.

Anyway, do not forget that these awful blood-sucking pests can live and feed on any other animal, for example, rodents, rabbits and even people.

Fleas jump on a host and spend most of their time in the animal’s fur. They have strong legs and they have the ability to stay in the pet’s coat. This way they have food any time they want. Separated from the animal, fleas cannot survive for a long time; they live only a few days.

Here is an important fact. Female fleas can lay eggs only after they have had their blood meal. So, they try by all means to stay on the animal. Even if it falls on the ground after the pet is scratching, the flea will jump up high to return to its food. It is as if you live in a huge pie or something. Ride your mobile food and eat any time you want. Who would refuse?

How to get rid of parasites on your pet?

As fleas live in large groups on your cat or your dog, you have the opportunity to destroy the whole colony at once and stop there enjoying themselves and bothering the animal. Just use an effective treatment.

If adult fleas were the majority of the flea population, it would be easy to get rid of these insects forever. However, it is not that simple. Actually, adult fleas represent only 5% of the flea population.

Having killed all the adult fleas, do not forget that there are eggs, which represent 50%. And in a few days, thousands of fleas will emerge and they will reproduce, having had their blood meal. Be careful and do not let them start their life cycle again.

The 2d spot to hide: in your bed

Can you imagine that fleas live in beds? Unfortunately, it is true. More than that, it is a favorable place for these bloodsuckers.

How is it possible? Your pet goes into the apartment, shakes, scratches and plays around. The eggs that are in its fur fall down everywhere. So, it is important where your pet plays or sleeps.

If your pet sleeps or spends its time in your bed, there may be fleas in your bed. Well, not maybe. It is the most probably because eggs will become adult fleas one day, it’s for sure.

Your bed is not the only place for flea life and reproduction.

Many baby fleas can live, of course, in your pet’s bed. In your bed, in your pet’s bed, in beds of other members of your family, there may be larvae, which develop into pupae and then an adult flea emerges. So, the fibers of fabrics are also suitable for fleas.

The 3d spot to hide: on the furniture

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Fleas can hide not only in the bed; they also can lay eggs on the living room furniture. Armchairs and sofas are suitable places for developing pupae and starting a flea life cycle.

Fleas like to live in dark places, so, any gaps, empty spaces or cracks in your upholstered furniture will be the perfect places for these dangerous insects to hide. And you will even not notice where the groups of fleas live. Their amount will just increase.

Regular vacuuming in your apartment is considered to be a very useful procedure, as long as you carefully work on all the crevices of your furniture.

The 4th spot to hide: in the carpet

How about flea hiding in the carpet? Sure.

Fleas do not attach their eggs to the animal’s fur where they lay them. As the animal shakes or scratches, eggs fall off and stay there. These places are the floor or more precisely the rug on the floor.

Eggs are tiny and they got into the fibers of the carpet. So, pay attention to places like carpets because they are a favorite place for flea eggs.

In a few days, the eggs will hatch and the flea life cycle will start again. However, be careful: any moving or vibration including vacuuming may cause hatching of the eggs faster.

These insects undergo a transformation from being a tiny egg to becoming an adult flea. During this process, they can be small worms when they are larvae, and they can be in the form of pupae.

It is not pleasant to find out that flea larvae feed on dirt. It represents a blood-based substance, which drops from the adult fleas.

Having had several meals, larvae form a cocoon around themselves and become pupae. It takes them from several days to several weeks.

The fabric of the rug is suitable for developing fleas out of a cocoon. Having emerged from the cocoon, they jump to the top of the carpet and from there they jump on a host when it goes nearby.

The question is this. How to destroy flea eggs until they start hatching and young fleas emerge out of the cocoon? There are different procedures you’d better take into consideration.

It is regular cleaning and vacuuming the carpet, which is the best thing to start with. And it is better to do it having added baking soda and salt into the water you are going to use for it.

The 5th spot to hide: up high

As we see, all pet animals are carriers of fleas, because it all begins with adult fleas that jump on an animal, bite and start reproducing. When your animal moves around the house, flea eggs fall off and can be found everywhere: on the carpet, in the fibers of furniture fabric and other suitable places.

From the point of view of killing fleas, cats are more useful than dogs, for example. Cats can hunt insects and eat them. So, it is more preferable to have cats as pets at home. They can be insect hunters.

There is one more thing. Cats are more mobile than any other pets, cats can walk anywhere in your home and jump up on any furniture, so they can bring flea eggs everywhere: on high shelves, on the fridge, behind kitchen appliances, on the table.

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Therefore, now you know 5 the most common places where fleas can hide. The most popular spot is on your pets or close to them. If you killed adult fleas, you did not solve the problem. You also need to eradicate eggs and larvae.

This is why it is important to remember about Insect Growth Regulators. IGRs are pesticides, which work for affecting young fleas by special hormone so that they cannot reproduce and develop normally. It affects both young and unborn fleas.

These were the most popular spots where you can find fleas and take measures to eradicate them. All you need is to look after your pet carefully and pay attention to the places where it sleeps and spends its time. Having seen any fleas, you already know what to do.

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